Shaadi ka laddoo😃


Very new at blogging!!!But wanted to satisfy this keeda in me to start blogging. Was just wondering when the shaadi scenario would change things for women and men.

Was wondering if it is ever possible that women stay in the husbands house for 6 months and then the husband stays with the wife in her parents house for the balance 6 months-it is only then that both partners will respect each other more-understand each other more as i feel as children we tend to be completely ourselves when we are with our parents/completely at home in the environment and surroundings where we have been born n brought up!!

A complete change of family/people /surroundings/even your sirname/food habits/the furniture-everything is drastically different from what u have been used to as an unmarried girl!!

Would a man be able to gel n bond and adapt himself to these changes with as much ease as a woman is expected to???

I just like the idea of half a year here n then half a year there!!!!😊

Not easy n not possible in most cases!!!But would it send a shiver down a husbands spine to even think about it!!!





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